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Hand Embroidered Vintage Women Leather Clutch Evening Bag Elegant Handbag for Dress and Party #103

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An Ethno-Interpreted Classic - 100% Handmade Clutch Bag in Leather with Rare Miao Antique Embroidery

~ Featuring ~
* Top elegance evening clutch with rare oriental vintage textile art decoration – A precious wardrobe staple with an ethnic flavour! *
* One piece ONLY, a rare art collectible - Artistically handcrafted and hand-decorated with rare piece of Miao Antique Embroidery Costume by Miao lady artisans *
* 100% Ox Leather– Excellent quality, luxurious experience *
* A unique chance to help our social mission to improve the livelihood of marginalised ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage! *

Antique Embroidery Clutch Bag

Fancy a new jewel bag? This exquisite clutch bag is a real textile gem! Crafted from slouchy ox black leather by the unique Miao ethnic ladies, this elegant clutch bag is uniquely embellished with an authentic piece of antique Miao embroidery cloth as old as 50 years, carrying a millennial textile tradition! The rare intricate patterns of antique embroidery art add an oriental luxe to this outstanding item.

Ethnic Luxurious Twist to Your Elegant Style

This sleek leather clutch is a luxurious add-on to your formal wardrobe! Pink peonies softly blossom open on the dark surface giving off your feminine vibes. Safely closed with a zip, the clutch comes with three inner sections, with a central pocket further secured with an extra zip. Light and glamourous, you can carry it by hand or use the comfortable wrist strap if you want to shine hands-free. Pair it with one of our black Cheongsam Qipao dresses for a total Oriental look. Boost up your bon-ton look pairing with a green cocktail dress. Match it with jeans and a pair of red décolleté to update your casual dinners.

About Miao Antique Embroidery

Each bag is originally created by the talented Miao women living in the Guizhou Province, Southwest China. With a history of over 5,000 years, Miao textile art enchants the world with its exceptionally rich and beautiful texture, sought after internationally by private collectors and Museum as a rare collectible. Today, it is at risk of disappearance due to the increasing migration of Miao youth to the city. Including over 14 different stitching techniques, Miao embroidery art is learnt by women around the age of six years and is featured in the minority’s daily and formal apparel still today, from birth to marriage. Intricate abstract patterns come to life in the distinctively vivid colour contrasts, representing natural elements, such as animals, stars and landscape, or geometric auspicious symbols.

An originally nomadic people without a written language, Miao have been using textile art to record their history, mythology and ancestral stories. Named cultural relic by the United Nations, the Chinese Government aligned with UNESCO enlisted Miao Costume in the national Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2006 for its contribution to cultural diversity and human creativity.

Measurement: 8.3 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches
Material: Ox leather

Help us to Help!

With this purchase you are contributing to our great cause! Interact China is a social enterprise committed to the mission of improving the quality of life of marginalised ethnic minorities and preserving their cultural heritage by promoting their products worldwide. We travel around China and Southeast Asia to work directly with the local artisans and bring their beautiful handicrafts directly at your door. A big thank you for supporting us!

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